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Our Retificio

For three generations we have been exporting our Italian manufacture.

Who we are

The Mediterrnea Reti company performs with great success, the family lead activity started during the beginning decades of the Century. Namely, the production and sale of nettings which were utilized initially only for the fishing industry and that successively have been employed for the aquaculture and sporting – leisure businesses.

Nowadays, the Mediterranea Reti is a solid and dynamic reality in the national and international market, thanks to the three fundamental core principles of our teams.

  1. technologically advanced productive
  2. highly qualified and specialized staff;
  3. great focus and attention in satisfying the most personalized demands of each client

To fully gratify the major requests of an internationalized and always developing market, the Mediterranea Reti has opted for a diversification strategy of its business. Launching new highly specialized lines of production for the processing of industrial ‘Cucirini’ threads, ropes, twines; and twistedyarns for both the weaving process and technical utilizations.


Production process

All the manufacturing cycles of our products have been verticalized and mechanized, to produce high quality products in shorter timeframe.

Our main objective is to establish with each of our clients a strong business relationship, based on trustworthiness and confidence.

For this reason our teams at Mediterranea Reti strive to constantly research and develop new products to maintain our success and our high qualitative standards.

In fact, thanks to the steady production’s supervision and to the long and established experience; the Mediterranea Reti has the ability to guarantee a high standardized quality and credibility in its products and services.

These characteristics permit us to satisfy the requirements and necessities of each of our national and international clients; as verified by our Quality Certificates: IQ Net, ISO as last obtained ISO 9001- 2015.


During the next decades, with the global population growth, also the worldwide food necessities will increase.

This situation will consolidate the request, consumption, and the international production of seafood.

Hence, the demand for both aquaculture nettings and for fishery products will broaden and intensify.

In this scenario, our Mediterranea Reti, is ready to meet the ever growing global necessities, by combining our consolidated experience in the production of high quality and long-lasting performance nettings; with the high attention dedicated towards each of our clients’ most specific requests, and our focus towards the protection of the environment.


The Mission of our Mediterranea Reti, is to continuously meet with our local and detailed production, the increasing global demands.

The long standing experience of our Mediterranea Reti, that has evolved with passion throughout generations, for more than half a century; is visible both in our ability to provide transparency and high professionalism during commercial exchanges, and in our efficient productions, top quality products and fast deliveries.

The mission of the team Mediterranea Reti, with reliability, trustworthiness, and high expertise, is to foresee, guide and promote each individual client in its demands and purchases. This is realized by ensuring that each request and order becomes a personalized journey for our clients and so in our strive to provide immediate solutions and a high commitment towards each customer’s necessities.

Environmental Sustainability

The Mediterranea Reti company is ecologically responsible, equipped with eco- sustainable productive systems which, during our products’ development; limit any negative impact on the environment.

Indeed, in our Mediterranea Reti, all the productive cycles are performed in full respect of the surrounding environment.

Starting from, the First Step in which we purchase raw materials only from selected suppliers which can guarantee control and certifications in their products.

Until, the Last Step in which our production processes end without any external discharge, as our internal recycling circuits purify the polluted water, utilized in the dyeing department, that successively is re- used in future productions.

Moreover, we produce many biodegradable products, which have zero impact on the environment, as the tubular nettings for mussels farming made of natural cotton fibers which, after being broken by the growth of the shellfish, biodegrades into the marine environment.

Indeed, we have a new environmentally-friendly project to minimize our overall negative impact on the global environment. By the end of 2020, we’ll install a new photovoltaic implant which will allow all our factory facilities and productive processes to be energetically independent and self- sustaining.

The hostory of our retificio


The beginning of our history starts during the 1920s in San Benedetto del Tronto, a small town on the Adriatic coast, where with the expansion of its harbor, many businesses and activities, connected to it, arose.

During these years of development, our great grandfather, Giuseppe Merlini established a small family business, dedicated to the development of products, mainly fishing nets, and services for the port and local fishing activities.


The breakthrough happened when the Engr. Giovanni Merlini, ahead of its time, decided to move forward and so to develop the handicraft activities of its predecessors; into full-fledged industrial operations, where the fishing nets’ production was mechanized, through one of the first utilizations of looms.


The Merlini family diversifies the range of its products, adding the manufacturing of wire ropes.


The year of the Remer srl constitution, where the third generation of the Merlini Family, managed an increasing internationalization and diversification of their products, addressing both the fishing and lifting businesses.


The Increasing volume of orders and clients leads to the creation of a new separated business for the fishing sector, nettings’ production.

There is the birth of our Mediterranea Reti s.r.l.

Moreover, the new production site of Ripatransone was purchased, and there all the machineries for production and the most skilled employees for nettings’ manufacturing, were transferred.


During this year the Mediterranea Reti succeeded in acquiring its first certification for its quality system with ISO 9001.


It was realized a first enlargement of the productive processes’ facilities , to accommodate all the knotted and knotless nettings’ departments.


The expansion towards the international markets, leaded the property to immediately effectuate a second extension of the factory.

In these new created premises new machineries were installed and new departments were developed including one for the twisting, winding and braiding processes.


During this year it was developed a third enlargement where the weaving department for cotton tubular nettings was efficiently organized and equipped.


It is released a fourth aisle to include a new greater warehouse , the nets’ cooking machineries and dyeing department.


Many installations are renovated and modernized, as the facility for steam production and an environmentally friendly one, to diminish the heating of the entire factory, and so to ameliorate the energetic efficiency of all our production processes.


A new facility is inaugurated dedicated to the process of nets’ drying.

In this premise, we have installed a new oven of the latest generation for drying , which allows us to control and continuously maintain the exact temperature utilized by the machine throughout all the duration of the process.

In fact, the air flow which passes through the nettings is managed through the PLC, so that the processes can be adapted to the title and characteristics of the nettings which needs drying.
This innovation ameliorates the Mediterranea Reti’s drying cycles and in addition it follows our company policies, which are directed towards a reduction of the negative environmental impact of our productive cycles.

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