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Mediterranea Reti , three generations of Italian manufactures

Our superior quality and expertise at the service of our clients to satisfy each singular necessity

I migliori materali
adatti ad ogni necessità

Trattiamo i migliori materiali sul mercato garantendone una lavorazione a regola d’arte. Possiamo soddisfare così ogni necessità sia in termini di qualità che di prezzo



This fiber achieves a good balance between breaking and elongation loads. The knots that make up the product over time show the tendency to close instead of melt, making the material more compact and ideal for use in fishing.


It is the most used fiber for the production of technical ropes, fishing nets, and good quality yarns. It is almost insensitive to atmospheric agents, highly durable and has good resistance to acids, solvents and microorganisms.


Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM, first manufacturer of UHMWPE. Born in the military sphere, used in the production of fishing nets, it has achieved international success. The types we use are SK 65 and SK 78. The last product of the family and usable on request is the SK 99.


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is a specialized polymer, worked with techniques similar to those of metals. It is the most resistant fiber in the world, with it we produce products with very high breaking loads combined with almost zero elongation and minimum weight.


It is the economic fiber par excellence, used above all for sports nets where the aesthetic aspect is more important. It has a good resistance to breaking loads, it is floating, but easily degradable in the sun.


Used for ropes for fishing and for the mooring of large commercial ships, it is a very strong fiber resistant to abrasion and wear, remaining floating, light, water repellent and with good resistance to atmospheric agents.


It has the advantage of being water-soluble. After a certain period of time, in contact with the sea water, it melts, favoring the growth of the molluscs that in the meantime have become cohesive with each other. Thanks to its use, mussel farming has significantly reduced the environmental impact.

Why choose Mediterraneareti


Fast Deliveries

We produce in our Italian premise ALL the typologies of nettings sold.

This allows us to quickly adapt to market developments and to guarantee prompt deliveries maintaining our superior standardized quality.


Orders flexibility

The experience of Mediterranea Reti, built up during the past half century, and our local and highly supervised production permit to our teams, composed of operators and engineers; a direct control on each phase of our production cycles, providing continuity, high professionalism, and efficiency in our final products.

We have a complete supervision on each singular processes, from the selection of raw material of high quality, to the final control of the terminated, and ready to be shipped, nettings. This allows us to guarantee a high consistency of our manufactured merchandise also based on the specific demands of each of our clients.


High quality products

The quality of Mediterranea Reti products is guaranteed by the use of DINI07 traction machinery, which allows the verification of the breaking load and elongation of the yarns, used as raw materials.

Furthermore, once the production process is completed, the nettings are tested to verify their constituency towards clients’ demands. To increase our effectiveness, our teams at Mediterranea Reti has developed a broad DATA Bank over the decades, regarding the results of the testing of its productions, which is constantly updated and used to identify the product suitable to the customer’s requests.


Flexibility in payments

Agreeing in advance the complacent methods of payment.

Where we are and how to find us

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