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Nets and cages for aquaculture

Gabbie sommergibili - Aquaculture Submersible Cages

Aquaculture Submersible Cages

The manufactured aquaculture submersible cages, include all the necessary arrangements to ensure a solid and secure structure capable to absorb marine stresses.

The Mediterranea Reti consolidated experience in the production of floating cages for Aquaculture, has permitted us to promptly and functionally respond to the most specific demands of each of our clients.

Aquaculture Submersible Cages allows the breeders to develop fish farms in not protected areas, exposed to strong currents, ameliorating the breeding in sites distanced from the coast.

This specific typology of fish farming cage, exponentially diminishes the risk of losing the farmed fish, as with its specific and secure characteristics it provides an absolute protection during the fish growth.

Furthermore, with specific treatments which protect against the vegetation and marine flora, called anti fouling treatments; the durability of the nets is increased underwater.

The submergible cages are produced with all the necessary characteristics to guarantee their stability through their accurate dimensions, especially when they are positioned in an underwater stalemate, with strong solicitations produced by marine currents.

The roof is connected to the vertical side with the help of a perimetral zip. In this way, when the cage emerges, the zip facilitates the operator’s underwater activities, as the management of the facility or fish collecting operations.

Customizations of Aquaculture Submersible Cages:

At the specific request of the customer, therefore based on the particular needs of each specific aquaculture facility, an industrial marine hinge located on the horizontal part of teh cage can also be inserted on the structure of the cage. A hinge-zip is useful for creating a direct underwater access into the cage (usually made with a length of 2 and a half meters). Having an underwater access to the cages guarantees easy inspections and more accurate internal checks, obviously concerning both the fish present inside and the cage structure itself.

Available Materials

High Tenacity (HT ) Nylon, UHMWPE



Technical Specifications

The point of junction between the vertical rope and the floating one.

In the points of conjunction between the vertical ropes and the horizontal ones, which compose the structure, it is installed a reinforcement by hand with Nylon or Dyneem Twine, depending on the raw material utilized to produce the cage itself.

In precise sports, exactly 20 cm before and 20 cm after the junction of both ropes, the connection is not carried out by seam but by arranging a netting slack, on the four direction of the ropes. This procedure helps to relieve the strength of solicitations ( tugs produced by the wave- motion) from the netting into the ropes, protecting the integrity of structure.


Upon request it can be included into the cage’s structure, a marine industrial zipper on the horizontal side, for a direct underwater access (usually with a 2 meters and an half length) for internal inspections.

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