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Nets and cages for aquaculture

Customized solutions for Breeders

The will of our company is to turn directly to the farmers, offering a new quality product, standardized or customized with attention to the smallest details, (from the raw material to the finished product) also according to what is foreseen by its own quality system (certified by CISQ ISO 9001: 2000).

Networks and components of our production

The main components used (net without knot in square or hexagonal mesh and with natural white or black coloring – twisted ropes in polysteel or polypropylene H.T.) are direct to us. production and therefore constantly responding to our product certification standards.
We are able to produce nets without knots, for all needs inherent to aquaculture, responding to every request regarding mesh size and yarn count.

Our cages can be produced in polyethylene, nylon, UHWMPE and Dyneema.

In addition to the use of personnel with many years of experience in the processing of nets, latest generation machinery is used such as RP7 and H450 industrial sewing machines.
Nets complete with industrial marine hinges can be supplied for easy maintenance and work.
Antifouling treatments can be performed on request.

Why choose us

The strength of the construction of the net is the double seam, external made on each single reinforcement rope, both horizontal and vertical, which gives the net a particular strength and avoids problems of slipping of the seam on the rope itself. Fundamental to the correct packaging of the cages is, in the end, the provision of funnels on the net at the points of greatest stress.

The experience gained allows us to discharge the stresses produced by the sea on the structure constituted by the ropes, protecting the network which is much longer lived. All the splices and the sketches, which contribute to the realization of the structure, (for example the points of intersection between horizontal and vertical ropes) are produced by hand, with the accuracy of our retai artisans.

On completion, anti-volatile nets are also produced normally using NETWORKS WITH NODE or UHWMPE.

Assistance and Maintenance

At the specific request of the customer we can also guarantee a service of repair and maintenance of the networks which must however be washed before being sent to our company. establishment for the work to be carried out.

01. Common features

A common feature of the cages for aquaculture is the realization of the vertical structure with the help of nets put in square and of vertical and perimeter ropes in polysteel that constitute the anchoring structure.

02. Customizations for this product category

The customization of the cage, is an integral part of our system and includes variations in the formation of the junction point of the bottom ropes, to favor the recovery and the anchoring of the structure.

Additional customizations can be:

Installation of the sacrificial net, installation of a net for the recovery of dead fish, provision of anti-volatile roofs, installation of perimeter or vertical zips for the separation of the structure or to facilitate underwater access.

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