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Nets and cages for aquaculture

Tetti anti-rapace - There are different designs of anti- bird net roofs which can be realized in different materials.

Anti Bird Net Roofs

There are different designs of anti- bird net roofs which can be realized in different materials.

The Mediterranea Reti s.r.l. is capable of offering a vast range of products with specified application for the fish farming industry.

Our nets are suitable for different typologies of birds and can be available in the following typologies:

  • with a central support
  • with the perimetral axles/columns
  • with the so called ‘hamster wheel’

The outlined structures allow the anti birds rooftops nettings to remain outside the water and so appropriately protect the fishes inside the cage.

Especially, for anti birds roofs (large predators), we recommend, knotted nets in UHMWPE/Dyneema. These materials guarantee resistance, performances and superior durability in respect to the usual nettings.
Moreover, they facilitate the load- bearing structure, with a much lighter weight, and so guaranteeing a steady placement of the roof out of water.

Additional Anti Bird Net Roofs specifications:

The roofs can be substantially produced with two tipe of nets: single knotted or double knotted, as well as with the use of knotless double stitched nets of variable size and weight depending on the size of the underlying aquaculture cage.

These anti bird nets roofs are produced to perfectly match the size of the cage used: circumference and depth of the cage to be protected.

During production the size of the shirts and the are established on the basis of the order, which allows us to respond to requests for title to any request. The roofs vary from a weight of 12 kg to 100 kg and its standard measures are from 10 meters to 38 meters in diameter.

Available Materials

(High Tenacity)HT Nylon, UHM WPE, Dyneema.




Technical Specifications

The roofs can be manufactured with single or double knotted nettings, and knotless nettings with double seam; with variable dimensions and weights depending on the underneath aquaculture cage’s size .

The anti birds roof are produced to perfectly match the dimension, circumference and depth of the underneath cage that needs protection.

Indeed, during manufacturing, the meshes and titles’ dimensions of the roof, are established based on the order’s specific arrangements and requests.

The roofs’ weight ranges from approximately 12 kg to 1.000 kg; and its standard measurements are included between 10 to 38 meters of diameter.

All the Typologies are generally installed without support.


Perimetral seam of the roof::

Our rooftops can be produced with the addition of a perimetric net skirt, internally reinforced with Polysteel Danline ropes; and centrally strengthened through a sacrificial netting, which diminishes the abrasion produced by the friction with the central support’s float.

Moreover, to prevent a direct contact with water, we can install some buttonholes in strategic points, so to guarantee a prolonged durability of the whole structure.

On demand, the perimetric al net can be squared, edged, and installed as support structures for mainland breeding.

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