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Rete verde per sacchi strascico

Cod-end green net

Cod-end green net is produced to be specially used for trawling nets cod-ends.

In fact, the net is regulated for trawling:

  • Thread diameter: ⌀3mm.
  • Mesh size: 52mm. internal knit
  • Bale of 500×200

In particular, this type of fishing net is made with high tenacity extruded fibers, through a system that guarantees superior resistance to this net.



  • High tenacity
  • Excellent breaking load
  • High elasticity
  • Heat stabilized for dimensional uniformity
  • Mesh stability

Cod-end green nets for for trawlers  find approval for superior yarn compactness,

in fact they are nets that improve durability over time

Furthermore, green cod-ends  nets do not spoil the catch, have stable knots, and meshes that do not widen,

ensuring excellent performance in terms of profitability of the catch.


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