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Dolphins Anti-Depredation Pinger

Our Dolphin Anti–Depredation Pinger, at variable frequencies, ensures Dolphins and cetaceans don’t get used to the deterrent signal radiated by the pingers. Mounted in pairs, they keep cetaceans at a safe distance from the nets. In this way, attacks and accidental capture are avoided.

Each ping reaches a source level of 145dB with a random sound, including harmonics, making the dolphin bollards very effective.

During recent sea trials, the detection rate of cetaceans around nets with the variable frequency pinger installed was reduced by 82-100%.



  • Reduce the risk of nets damages,
  • Reduce incidental dolphin catches from 80% to 100%,
  • Ensures conform fishing catch,
  • Acoustic output compliant with EU and US regulations for a pinger distance of 200 meters,
  • Nominal depth at 1000 meters,
  • Covered in a rubber holder,
  • Easy use, suitable for any type of equipment with no effect on other fishing equipment used,
  • Long battery life, each battery typically needs to be changed once a year.
  • Luminous led battery indicator.

Cheapest and most advanced dolphin bollard pingers on the market.

Full 2-years warranty!

Brief description and operation of a Dolphin Anti–Depredation Pinger:


The dolphin anti-depredation pinger is a device that transmits short beeps at different frequencies at short intervals. They are used for detection purposes, such as bollards, ultrasonic measurements, and more … In our case, the term pinger indicates a device that serves as a deterrent for dolphins.

The bollards produce sound pulses (PING) that are unbearable for the cetaceans, so why the used name pingers.

The dolphin anti-depredation pinger is generally a tapered capsule, sometimes flattened on one side, about fifteen centimeters long, with a plastic or metal shell, possibly covered with Teflon, which emits a ping “beep” every few seconds with variable duration every About 4/12 seconds, with a very high sound power at ultrasound frequency of 40 kHz or 175 +/- 3 decibels.


This Dolphin Anti–Depredation Pinger has the ability to reduce:
– accidental catches of dolphins,
– the risk of damaging the nets.

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