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tornichetto - Eye and Eye Swivel Sicilia

Eye and Eye Swivel Sicilia

Eye and Eye Swivel Sicilia – Swivel ‘Sicily type’

Useful for discharging twisting moments accumulated on cables and chains under tension on static loads.

Perfect to use in outdoor or corrosive environments.

Eye and Eye Swivel Sicilia have lower friction and higher working loads than other versions. Used in conjunction with blocks and rigging systems to provide articulation and rotation, making them ideal for various marine and industrial rigging applications.

Positioning swivels are basically two end fittings held together by a threaded shaft and a nut, in this case, there are two eye ends. The swivel can rotate freely to position a hook onto a pick point. Once the load has been lifted, the swivel will not rotate because the force applied by the load holds the swivel in place. Eye-eye chain swivels are high-strength connection links used in zero-degree straight/vertical lifting and rigging applications.

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