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Grilli a cuore - High strength heart shackles

High strength heart shackles with green axle and square head pin

High-strength heart shackles – Bow shackles specific for fishing.

The functional design of the shackles is given by the pins; characterized by a square flared hole, and by the peculiarity of having the top (head) leveled; this means that there is a lower risk for the shackles to get caught in the net.

Bow shackles with screw hinge, and a flat head countersunk pin.

The primary use of these handles is for lifting operations, and for connecting the static transfer systems of steel wire ropes, chains, and other assemblies.

These products comply with EN10204, each production lot is tested to verify its suitability.

Many products are tested to see their conformity toward a declaration of CE compliance.

These bow handles, also known as anchor handles, are mainly used for multi-way systems and transport.

Our high-strength heart shackles with green axle and square head pin are made from high-strength steel, grade 6, hardened, and finally galvanized.

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