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Rete per mitilicoltura - Mussel Farming Netting

Mussel Farming Netting

Mussel Farming Netting are circular nets for the mussels farming.

It is a traditional typology of  net,  and  it’s  utilized worldwide  during the mussels/molluscs seeds incorporation. Indeed, the cotton netting dissolves into the sea; after having assured a sufficient amount of time for the adhesion of the mussel to the braiding.

This characteristic guarantees an exponential natural growth of the molluscs.

The tubular mussel farming netting guarantees a natural and rapid disintegration at sea.  This guarantees, the fast growth of the sea seed, by providing it the necessary timing to enable the right cohesion between the mussels and the tubular net.


During the mussel farming operations it is also extremely necessary to pay close attention to the recovery phases of the waste materials of the processing such as ropes, old remains and buoys that are no longer efficient. Since these materials are not degradable in nature, unlike the nets described, they cause enormous problems both for the environment (on the bottom of our seas) and for other fishing methods. Particular attention should therefore also be paid to a correct periodic check of all the materials that make up the mussel farming plant, replacing the most worn and worn ones, such as:

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The size of the mesh in line with the dimension of the mollusc.

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