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Scafandro - Neoprene fishing wader suit

Neoprene fishing wader suit

High quality neoprene fishing wader suit (5 mm.). The neoprene fishing wader suit, also called wader, will protect you from water and cold.

  • With front pockets.
  •  Reinforcement at knees
  • Adjustable elastic braces with automatic clips release.
  • Durable rubber boots.
  • Water Resistance: 8,000mm
  • Breathability: 5,000 mvp

Advantages of using fishing neoprene wader suits:

  • Quality fishing suits, such as fishing boots, last for many years and allow you to fish many times, therefore, unlike normal shoes, waders allow the purchase of a durable product but above all avoid damaging normal shoes;

  • Fishing waders suit make it possible to tackle fishing even in difficult and extreme conditions, without suffering excessively low temperatures, they allow safe fishing even in harsh winters.

How to chose a perfect wader suit:

  • Use fishing suits with light and soft fabrics that do not hinder movement
  • Use wader suits made of highly waterproof materials
  • Consider the strength of the materials of which the diving suits are made

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