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Luci a palangaro pelagiche - Pelagic longline lights

Pelagic longline lights

Pelagic longline lights are designed specifically for use in gillnets, purse seines and pot fishing. If you don’t want to attract dolphins to your net, buy this model. It transmits pings outside the audible range for humans.

Compliant with European legislation: EC 812/2004.


Battery life – 1 year with average use (50% dive time)

Frequency – (50-120 kHz)

Size – 185 mm. x 52 mm. x 42 mm.

Weight (without battery) – 158 grams

Weight (with battery) – 229 grams

Weight in water – 37 grams

Nominal depth – 1000 meters

Installation: double point for fixing the lights directly to the ropes

Battery Type – Alkaline Cell C (LR14)

Battery Level Indicator – Advanced LED indicator

Immersion Switch – Advanced, automatical capacitive switch

Drive circuit and sound production – Efficient control circuit and sound production transducer

Durable rubber protector – TPE copolymer rubber outer cover

Inner lodging – Durable Injection Molded Polycarbonate

Pinger stimulation: space the pinger every 200 m., sound level 145 dB +/- 3d B at 1m

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