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During this phase the acquired yarns are analyzed, and sampling is carried out.

This process is essential, as it guarantees the high standard quality and efficiency of our raw materials, by verifying that the information and tests’ results provided by our suppliers are in accordance with the purchased products.

Therefore, inspection is highly important, as in the case in which the goods are non- compliant merchandise, they’ll be returned to the supplier, avoiding any future inefficiency and underperformances of our final products.



During this phase the spools of thread, of the purchased raw materials, are transferred to the bobbins, which are successively utilized into the next step the TWISTING.


In this next process, according to our specific production requirements, the threads are twisted into 2, 3, 4 – ply yarns.

At the same time, the direction of threads’ winding is determined : LX or RX, and the number of twists that each of the plying twin will realize.

During the first twist, the binature concerns the singular thread, successively, the previously semi manufactured threads are twisted a second time.



This process consists on the spools’ loading, with the support of the automatized robots, which guarantee their uniform coverage.


The knotted net weaving process, can be realized with single or double knot depending on its application.

The looms are equipped with automatic control systems, which guarantee the production of nettings without imperfections, with perfectly concatenated meshes.

Each knotted loom machine is equipped with a tub containing an anti ribbing liquid, in which the manufactured netting is immerged. The nettings absorbs the liquid, greatly ameliorating its performance.



During this phase the net is tightened and thermically treated through a large mechanical oven, guaranteeing the stabilization of the mesh measure.


The stabilized net is subsequently dyed, between more than 120 color tones, depending on the client’s discretion.

Moreover, the installation of a new implant guarantees chromatic uniformity on the whole piece of net; in fact the color is entirely absorbed by the fiber, ensuring a stable and long- lasting pigmentation.



The drying phase occurs inside the large industrial oven where the warm air is conveyed towards the net, drying it consistently.

The Drying process is conducted with the net in tension, uniformly extended, this favours both its storage and the nettings’ ordered arrangement into the warehouse, guaranteeing an easy and ready utilisation



Before the net shipment, we carry out a visual control on the product. Additionally, a final test is assessed, to verify the Breaking Strength and overall quality of the netting.

All the results of the testing is added in our database, so to enrich our information (breaking strength, stretching/elongation, mesh width) through the years and recurrence of the processes. This permits us to provide always more pertinent and high performance nettings, which fully satisfy the demands and gratify our clients.

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