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rete senza nodo - tradizionale - mediterraneareti - Knotless Netting

Knotless Netting

Traditional Knotless Netting with two intersections. Especially suitable for Trawl fishing.

This net guarantees the steadiness of the mesh.

The knotless Net makes it possible to have extremely small meshes’ sizes and a single canvas with large dimensions.

Its production goes from title 210/6 until 210/550.

The mesh may range between 2,5 mm and 250 mm.

The nets are usually produced with 6 bars, to ensure that the final product is tear-resistant.

Upon request, knotless netting can be also produced in 4 and 2 bars to diminish the weight per m²

Available Materials

Nylon, Dyneema, Polyester, Polyethylene, UHMWPE.






The nettings can be dyed in more than 120 colours.

Treatments can be applied upon request: antifouling, flame retardant.

Product Gallery

Step by step guide to formalize your request for knotless nettings

If you want to formalize your demand and receive a fast response, you have two possibilities, send us an e-mail which contains all the information of our guide or get in touch by phone so together we’ll be able to define all the details.

How to request a Knotless Netting

Productive cycles of Knotless Nettings

Are you curious to know all the necessary steps to produce high quality knotless nets?

Productive cycles of Knotless Nettings

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